Container Sales

Container Sales

Key Containers are competitively priced and can be converted to suit your individual needs. We sell a variety of containers including 6m and 12m wind and water tight storage containers, office containers and reefers where a 380V current is required and temperatures may be adjusted from 0 to -40°C.

All units can be custom furnished to suit your individual needs.

At Key Containers we can offer 6 meter and 12 meter containers on a rental or hire lease. A rental (hire) lease of containers is signed for a minimum of one month. Containers can be delivered to almost anywhere in Gauteng within a day of receipt of full payment and signed hire lease or rental agreement, for the original container rental or hire lease quote plus transport costs of the container (other areas may take a little longer depending on transport availability). Our trucks are certified to transport and move 6 and 12 meter containers and all out container crane operators are fully trained and certified to work the crane.

Container rental or lease hire options include conversions for offices, Reefers (refrigerated container), accommodation units and more. We also offer onsite storage containers for rental or lease hire.



Container sales