Key Containers questions

Key Containers Questions


Below are a list of some questions that we are most often asked and put them down here to hopefully help you in your search for you rental/hire or purchase of a used converted container from Key Containers.


  • Can you supply an ISO Container?
    • o Yes, if required.
      o Kindly advise that you want an ISO certified Steel Shipping Container.

  • Can we collect our rental/hire or purchased container?
    • o Rental or hire containers must be delivered by our own transport as GPS location is tagged to all of our containers.
      o If you purchase a container you are free to collect it should you wish to do so

  • Can we visit your depot to view and pick our containers?
    • o You are free to view our stock of available used containers for hire/rental or sale at our yard during office hours. Kindly contact us to arrange an appointment to view.

  • Can you offload from rear of vehicle?
    • o We are able to offload 6 meter containers at the rear or at the side of the truck.
      o For 12 meter containers we need to position the horse at right angles to the cab to offload on either side.

  • How large will the vehicle delivering my container be?
    • o 6 meter containers are transported on a flatbed rigid truck.
      o 12 meter containers are transported on a 12 meter trailer with a cab, total length of Truck is 16 meters
      o All vehicles have fully certified truck mounted cranes and slings.

  • Can you lift over obstructions?
    • o We are able to offload containers over walls and fencing depending on accessibility and distances involved. Full disclosure of site conditions must be provided to ourselves at the time of quotation. Whilst we exercise care we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your property.

  • Will one of your storage containers be large enough to take my goods?
    • o A 6 meter shipping container has a 14m2 floor area and a volume of 34m3. It is about the same size as a single garage.
      o A 12 meter shipping container has a 28m2 floor area and a volume of 69m3

  • What are the dimensions of a Container?
    • o Shipping containers we can supply for hire or rental are either 6 meters or 12 meters in length, and all containers are 2,400 meters wide.
      o See Containers Sizes and Technical Specification Page for more detail.

  • Can containers we hire or purchase from you be lifted with goods inside?
    • o Unfortunately not as our Truck mounted cranes are rated to safely lift empty containers.

  • Can you fit high security doors and windows to a converted container?
    • o Yes, please contact us for more detailed specifications if you require burglar bars or extra security doors fitted to your container.

  • Can I have my choice of colour?
    • o YES, contact us for all your specific conversion requirements. All our rental / hire / leased containers are supplied in our standard company colour of light grey.

  • How much space should I allow for the container?
    • o Our containers are offloaded by our trucks own crane, parallel (next to) to the side of the truck.
      o Sufficient space is required to accommodate the width of the truck and the container, and space to turn or reverse the truck off the site.

  • How much will I have to pay for a container?
  • Can you stack containers on top of each other?
    • o Yes they can.
      o Truck mounted cranes can stack to a maximum of 3 units high.
      o A suitable foundation/base is required for stacking units. The foundation or base is supplied or provided for by the customer.

  • Where should I place the converted container?
    • o The container should be placed on a hard, secure flat surface, ideally concreted or paved.
      o Invariably, containers are placed on hard, bare earth with leveling supports at the corners
      o Steel Shipping Containers supports their weight on the 4 corners.
      o They can be levelled up and secured using railway sleepers, concrete beams or any other suitable weight spreading devise or feature.

  • What is the difference between a new or a used Container?
    • New containers can be hard to come by in South Africa as these almost always have to be imported from overseas. But thats not to say we can’t source one for you if required, but please allow extra time for us to acquire one and then convert it to your needs.

      All our containers are used and refurbished to a high standard almost as much ‘as new’ as we can achieve by removing all the dents, rust proofing and give it a fresh coat of paint. You can usually hardly tell the difference.

  • What is your minimum lease period?
    • o All container rental / hire/ lease contracts are subject to a minimum one month period. After this you are free to contact us for collection subject to a minimum 14 day notice period.
      o Rental is a minimum charge per calendar month
      o Cancellation is 14 days written notice – on the email